Gifts and Value Sets

Gifts and Value Sets

Lancer Gift Set and Hero Value Sets

Invented in Beverly Hills by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Lancer, the Lancer Skincare range is targeted towards specific concerns, and features products expertly formulated to offer maximum effectiveness and optimal results.  Thoughtfully designed to bring out the best in everyone's complexion, Lancer Skincare gift sets are a comprehensive way to experience the transformative results in the comfort of your own home.


Best Skincare Gifts and Value Sets

An ideal introduction to the Lancer line is the Skincare Heroes Set, which brings together Dr. Lancer’s worldwide bestsellers in one package. This collection includes his renowned, Lancer Method, a revolutionary 3-step system that revitalizes the look of skin by targeting how it operates beneath the surface, as well as the Eye Contour Lifting Cream and Omega Hydrating Oil. Other skincare gift sets target specific skin concerns across all skin types.

  • The Hydration Heroes Set quenches dry, parched skin, which visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles while creating a bright, glowing appearance. In this set, the ultra-moisturizing Omega Hydrating Oil and The Method: Nourish powerfully hydrate, while the Eye Contour Lifting Cream and Lift & Plump Sheet Mask soften and nurture for a smooth, supple feeling.
  • The Brightening Heroes Set works wonders in changing the appearance of skin from dull to luminous. The complexion is resurfaced and rejuvenated with the Caviar Acid Lime Peel and Dani Glowing Skin Perfector, and The Method: Nourish and Omega Hydrating Oil moisturize and restore vibrancy.
  • For the ultimate youthful-looking complexion, the Anti-Aging Heroes Set combines 6 advanced products that dramatically improve the appearance of the skin’s tone and texture. In addition to the Lancer Method of Polish, Cleanse, and Nourish— this set also features the acclaimed Caviar Acid Lime Peel, Omega Hydrating Oil, and Dani Glowing Skin Perfector.


And when it comes to unique skin care gifts, the Lash and Skin Obsessions set offers all three products in the Lancer Method system as well as the Lash Serum Intense, for lush and voluminous lashes with its fortifying combination of Biotin and Panthenol.


Dr. Lancer is a board-certified dermatologist who has applied his many years of expertise towards creating technologically advanced and highly effective skincare products. See how skin can be restored and look its most beautiful with a Lancer Skincare set.


Taking the Lancer Method to the fine-tuned stage is a flexible, individualized process. Dr. Lancer advocates layering in new treatments gradually to your basic regimen for proper observation of your skin’s reaction.

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