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Professional face masks are the ideal way to add to the benefits of The Lancer Method. Whether you use our overnight face masks, hydrating face masks, or an anti-aging sheet mask, Lancer Skincare’s masks are made to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Using the right mask for your skin type will provide radiant results that address your specific needs.


Anti-aging face masks can be used to boost your skin’s hydration, plumping the skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An anti-aging sheet mask is a great choice for providing hydration. They create a barrier covering the skin, which creates a small amount of heat beneath the barrier and allows active ingredients to penetrate and go as deep into the skin as possible for the best results. The barrier also helps minimizes water loss, for improved moisture retention. Our Lift and Plump Sheet Mask is an anti-wrinkle face mask designed to provide a tighter and more lifted appearance. Using Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 and apple stem cell compounds, key anti-aging ingredients, the sheet mask provides a visibly lifted appearance after 10-15 minutes. Sodium hyaluronate, rose water, and centella asiatica extract provide natural humectants to quench parched skin and improve suppleness and hydration. This dermatologist face mask provides a radiant, youthful looking glow, which is why it is part of Dr. Lancer’s Red Carpet Flash Facial. These hydrating face masks have become one Lancer Skincare’s most highly sought after products. One try, and you’ll understand why.


The latest innovation in anti-aging face masks is Younger Revealing Mask Intense. This cutting edge skincare combines powerful anti-aging ingredients with state-of-the-art removal. Including an exclusive anti-aging retinoid formula to minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and dimethicone, which softens and hydrates your skin, your skin is left feeling supple and renewed, with a firmer appearance. These anti-wrinkle face masks are created using a silicone encapsulated mineral powder, allowing you to remove the mask with the swipe of a magnetic removal tool after a 10-minute mask treatment. What remains is a combination of hydrating face masks and anti-wrinkle face masks for skin that looks soft, smooth, and glowing.

The Benefits of Luxury Anti-Aging Masks

As skin ages, it becomes uneven and dull, masking skin’s youthful radiance. Sun damage compounds to create sun spots and hyperpigmentation that make you look older than you really are. An overnight face mask is an ideal way to address these concerns, as sleeping in the mask gives it time to work on your skin while you catch up on restorative sleep. Radiance Awakening Mask is a leave on face mask that brightens the appearance of spots and provides essential hydration and nourishment in all skin tones and ethnicities to restore dewiness to the skin. Allow the LES-10, Vitamin C, and natural plant extracts in this overnight face mask to balance your skin tone and deliver deep hydration while you rest for bright, youthful looking skin day after day.


Whether you prefer hydrating face masks or sleeping in a low-maintenance overnight face mask, anti-aging face masks are an excellent way to supplement The Lancer Method. Masks provide potent benefits for the improved tone, texture, and hydration that keeps skin looking beautifully radiant.

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