Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Best Long-Lasting Sunscreen

While some people are in the habit of only applying sunscreen in the summer, anti-aging sunblock isn’t just for the beach. Liquid sunscreen helps prevent UV damage anytime, whether you’re driving your car or enjoying lunch outdoors. Even when it’s not a bright, sunny day, your skin is still susceptible to UV damage, which is why you need to wear long-lasting sunscreen every day.


Sun exposure accelerates skin aging, and no one is exempt—every skin type requires anti-aging sunscreen, even if burning is not an issue. The best sun shield sunscreen should protect skin from sun damage and UV rays, which prevent the healing benefits of peptides, antioxidants, and other ingredients in your anti-aging skincare products.


Our Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 is a weightless sunscreen formula that provides excellent sun protection while also infusing skin with anti-aging ingredients for skin that looks younger longer. Gamay grape stem cells fight the appearance of photo-aging, while our DNA Repair Complex reduces redness and inflammation. Chamomile extract soothes the skin and sunflower sprout extracts improve skin’s radiance, providing a healthy glow.


Experts suggest wearing an SPF 30 sunscreen each day to shield your skin. Because Dr. Lancer sunscreen is SPF 30, you can count on this dermatologist sunscreen to provide adequate protection day after day. Even better, our sheer sunscreen also works as a makeup primer, leaving a smooth, velvety finish that allows makeup to glide on. Although our invisible sunscreen is long-lasting, we suggest reapplying this luxury sunscreen every 2-3 hours following excessive perspiration and/or swimming. Whether you use it as a makeup primer that also safeguards your skin, or as a long-lasting sunscreen during a day at the beach, our anti-wrinkle sunscreen is ideal for every kind of sun protection.

Enjoy Luxury Dermatologist Sunscreen

Anti-aging sunscreen for face should feel luxurious and weightless. Our liquid sunscreen provides sun protection without a heavy or greasy finish. You can apply Lancer sunscreen to your face, neck, and décolleté for sheer sunscreen protection that lasts. Enjoy the benefits of this luxury sunblock today—just click the image to learn more about our Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30.

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